photography and original artwork by Susan Dimitrakopoulos

About SpudSnaps!


I am inspired and always amazed by the beauty and many faces of nature.

Photography has been my passion since childhood. Life can change in a heartbeat and following several very close losses in a short period of time, my life changed dramatically. It was a very strong message and my love of photography that literally got me out the door and living again. Over the years, I have also been painting (watercolour, sumi-e, acrylic, ink drawings) and continue to hone my self-taught skills.

But wait ... where did that unusual name come from? SpudSnaps?

Very odd name, not 'artsy' at all! When I started making photo cards, I wanted a name for the card line. It was a difficult process trying to come up with a name!

Well, many years ago, I was affectionately given the nickname of 'Spuds' because of my great fondness for potatoes! 'Snaps' is an old-fashioned term for snapshots ... so I combined the two ... hence, SpudSnaps! It seemed like a fitting name and in my own way, paid tribute to someone who was so very dear to me. I believe that somewhere in a greater realm, that wonderful spirit smiled and had a good chuckle when I came up with the name SpudSnaps and I'm sure said "Way to go, Spuds!

Scarborough Bluffs - lake view

My early years were spent surrounded by the beautiful clear waters of Georgian Bay, but Scarborough has been my home most of my adult life. Fortunately, I still live very close to the water - Lake Ontario. So much to see and hear - the sights and sounds of nature in the Scarborough Bluffs area. It can be exhilarating and at the same time, healing to both body and soul. It is the perfect 'fix' for me.

Thank you for visiting and hopefully you will find what you're looking for. This is only a sampling of images ... please check out my online Etsy shop, which features more of my newer work at www.skybird111fineart.etsy.com

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Over the years, I have exhibited in local galleries and at community events and enjoy sharing stories of particular photographs. Some of my work is continually on display at Seraphia Inspired Cuisine, Cliffcrest Plaza, 2979 Kingston Rd. at McCowan, Toronto, (Scarborough) tel. 416-264-8951

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